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Latent Employment Risk Audits:
#metoo Evaluations and Diversity Assessments

Unreported and undocumented threats from employees are like sitting time-bombs for any employer, merger and acquisition (M&A) deal, contract or funding evaluation, entry to market, or post-claim environment. It is impossible to use internal teams to accurately evaluate or value the risk of undiscovered harassment claims. The Lynch Law Firm team has legal, human resources, and business psychology experts with the expertise you need to audit latent harassment matters, assess the value of future claims, and present that information in a highly usable way for your leadership team. Our DEI, #metoo, and environmental assessments are far older than the hastags and our tools for identifying and quantifying inappropriate bias risk is second to none.

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Reach out to Natalie Lynch to begin a conversation about identifying and calculating your harassment-based risk exposure. General transactional experts simply cannot effectively audit or evaluate your harassment-based risk with the efficiency or meticulousness guaranteed by the Lynch Law Firm. We assist organizations in the prevention, resolution, and remediation of harassment claims every day and are uniquely positioned to provide a highly accurate audit, accounting, and remediation summary within your timeline.

Whether your need stems from a merger consideration or reaction to an incident, exposure of potential employee-driven liabilities can cost a company dearly — expensive litigation, damages settlement, tarnished reputation. Transforming risk management from reflexive to proactive is a cost-effective way to avoid otherwise costly risks. So, why take chances with your business’ future?