Natalie R. Lynch

Helping your bottom line while avoiding risk factors

Natalie R. Lynch helps business owners create the right structures, contracts, and employment agreements to help minimize business and employment risk factors. Lynch Law Firm has conducted and managed hundreds of investigations into claims of discrimination, harassment, fraud, and theft, and Natalie has successfully avoided litigation for clients on all cases to date. From entity formation to small business growth to expansion into the middle market, Natalie can help get your business to flourish.

Guiding you through every aspect of owning a business
I’m a legal business advisor that takes the time to evaluate issues that my clients may not think about. I have a unique ability to help you grow your business."
Natalie R. Lynch

One key aspect of my approach is to resolve business disputes before they reach the courtroom. When business partners go to court, they often forfeit control of their business to the court’s timelines and regulations. With mediation, you and your partners can reach a mutual agreement on your own terms.

Along with the cost and time associated with going to trial, mediation can potentially save your business’ dispute from becoming public knowledge. Natalie’s approach to dispute resolution will help you maintain confidentiality and work privately with your partners to determine an outcome that works for all parties.

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Business growth

Starting up your business is the first part of the battle. Continuing that growth is the next step. I will help you evaluate and pursue opportunities for growth.

Protect your assets

One small misstep can cost you the business assets you worked so hard to build. Get peace of mind with my expansive business knowledge and experience.

Avoid litigation

While I will take your case to trial if necessary, I truly believe most cases can be resolved through mediation. Save time, money, and heartache with my approach.

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A keen understanding of Austin

Austin, Texas has consistently ranked high in terms of business, technology, startups, quality of life, and job opportunities. As small businesses and entrepreneurs continue to flock to Austin, there are many unique opportunities that can benefit your business.

With the help of an experienced attorney who closely understands Austin’s one-of-a-kind business market, you can start building a strong foundation for your business and achieve long-term success.

Contact the Lynch Law Firm to ask about our business coaching services. If you’re feeling lost or you want a more expert opinion than your friends and family can provide, our business coaching services can help.

We’ll help you spot problems early on, evaluate employee discrimination claims, protect your assets, defend your business against workplace investigations, and evaluate opportunities for your business to grow and thrive.