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Natalie has expert training from working with a group of forensic psychologists who were industry royalty. Today, she leads her own team of investigative professionals with Lynch Law Firm, PLLC. She has extensive training in interviewing techniques and each investigation she has completed has high standards of quality and litigation avoidance.

In addition, her firm helps business owners create the right structures, contracts, and employment agreements to help minimize business and employment risk factors. From preventing and resolving workplace issues to getting businesses off the ground, Natalie knows how to help you flourish.

But, Wait. There’s More.


From intake and assessing credibility to conducting an investigation and implementing corrective action, Natalie can guide you every step of the way.


When you need business coaching, workplace training, handbooks, or policy reviews, give Natalie a call.
Attorney Natalie Lynch
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“I believe that one of the traits that is a huge benefit to my clients is that I take out the appropriate amount of time to evaluate the issues they may not even think about. I have a unique ability to get issues resolved and help business grow."

—Natalie Lynch

When issues at work or in business arise,

Natalie is who you want by your side.

A process that has been perfected over decades
without distraction to your business.

Addressing issues that are difficult to talk about. Every workplace investigation requests that employees engage in a frank and honest conversation that may be uncomfortable for some individuals. Natalie and her team helps employees understand the importance of honesty with their employer and creates an environment where they can disclose matters that may be uncomfortable because of workplace dynamics or the subject matter.

Every team member has the experience and training to work with client employees to uncover the necessary details. Her team has worked through the sensitive matters of interpersonal dynamics, human sexuality, and negative previous experiences.

Her process insists that dignity be afforded every individual involved. That same process also mitigates the disruption of having a third-party investigate members of your team. This enables Natalie and her experts to focus on the organization’s functional needs and a high return for your investigative investment.

Natalie has a keen understanding of Austin, Texas. The city has consistently ranked high in terms of business, technology, startups, quality of life, and job opportunities. As small businesses and entrepreneurs continue to flock to Austin, there are many unique opportunities that can benefit your business.

With the help of an experienced attorney who closely understands Austin’s one-of-a-kind business market, you can start building a strong foundation for your business and achieve long-term success. Contact Natalie to ask about her business coaching services. If you’re feeling lost or you want a more expert opinion than your friends and family can provide, Natalie’s business coaching services can help.

She’ll help you spot problems early on, evaluate employee discrimination claims, protect your assets, defend your business against workplace investigations, and evaluate opportunities for your business to grow and thrive.

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