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Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring is time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Turnover is the worst case scenario. Additionally, a myriad of federal, state, and local laws govern the entire hiring process (advertising, recruiting, interviewing, offer, and acceptance). Getting it right in your jurisdiction is vital for protecting employers from risk and ensuring compliance. Even so, hiring and onboarding processes (like training) are intrinsically linked and should result in productive, engaged, and committed employees. You go to a lot of trouble and cost to attract, interview, and hire candidates with the talent you need, and you’d like them to stick around, right? Onboarding goes far beyond first-day paperwork. It is an investment in employees that begins well before the new hire’s first day and can last as long as 12 months. Aside from equipping new hires with the tools they need to do their jobs, effective onboarding results in increased job satisfaction and long-term retention. At the Lynch Law Firm, our team of credentialed human resources professionals and an experienced employment attorney have the expertise you need to make your hiring and onboarding processes best-in-class.

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Reach out to Susan Word today to begin a conversation about your hiring and onboarding needs. A key determinant of employee productivity, engagement, commitment, and, in the long run, retention is the company’s hiring and onboarding process. So why risk it? At LLF, we have highly credentialed HR staff and legal experts with decades of experience to help you develop a stellar hiring and onboarding process and ensure compliance with applicable laws.