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Strategic Planning

Experts generally define strategic planning as

a pattern of formal and informal long-term decision-making activities which result in a strategic plan that is implemented, periodically reviewed, and adjusted with the aim of improving organizational performance” (Liedtke, 2019).

Strategy” is the operative word here – critical thinking about the future. Another vital element in the strategic planning process, and directly related to successful outcomes, is whether to hire an outsider to assist in planning and to facilitate your strategic planning meeting(s). Recent research into the value of outsider-based strategic planning demonstrated significant positive benefit (Robinson, 2017).

Effective strategic planning conveys insights and skills that empower organizations to refocus their obligations, think strategically, focus intentionally, and plan effectively to achieve both short and long-range goals. The LLF team of skilled facilitators, business psychologists, and legal experts have the expertise you need. We can help your leadership team align the organization, its employees, and stakeholders with shared strategic vision, direction, and commitment and develop a high-performance team invested in the organization’s ultimate success.

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Reach out to Helen Ross Petty today to begin a conversation about your strategic planning needs. Hiring an outside facilitator is a vital element in strategic planning. Utilizing an internal facilitator exposes an organization to the facilitator’s personal preferences, and it prevents them from joining in the creativity and rapport building associated with facilitated events. Strategic planning is an investment in corporate potential that can reap results for years to come. Crucial to success is not mistaking planning for a viable strategy to achieve what is most important to the organization. Planning is familiar, doable, orderly, and comfortable. Strategic decision-making and tactical implementation, on the other hand, are trickier and a lot less comfortable.

So why go it alone? At LLF, we have nonprofit management professionals, business psychologists, highly credentialed HR staff, and legal experts with decades of experience to help you with strategic planning and tactical implementation, and get the results you need.


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