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When it comes to small and mid-sized businesses, human resources (HR) issues are just plain challenging. Organizations that can support robust overhead have professionally trained HR departments. In contrast, mid-sized businesses might have only one person managing their HR needs, and that person may or may not possess the credentials to avoid employment risks. Small companies and start-ups might have the business owner, or no one at all, handling all HR needs while trying to grow the business simultaneously. There must be a better way! At the Lynch Law Firm, our team of credentialed human resources professionals and experienced employment attorneys have the expertise you need to manage your HR needs. We can take the load off business owners and busy professionals so that they can work on their business and make it grow.

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Reach out to the firm today to begin a conversation about your human resources needs. Susan can offer HR consultation for a variety of employee-related situations, including disciplinary actions, help businesses with cost-effective workforce planning, and simplify employment processes such as recruiting, hiring, onboarding and offboarding, training, development, and much more. So why go it alone? At LLF, we have highly credentialed HR staff and legal experts with decades of experience to help you with an array of HR needs and ensure compliance with applicable laws.