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HR Audit

Legislation affecting human resources practices is rapidly evolving and makes compliance with local, state, and federal employment regulations a moving target. It is also common that organizations start without sophistication but need to scaffold their practices of the past. An HR audit can help ensure legal compliance while measuring the effectiveness of HR programs. Human resource department audits performed by the Lynch Law Firm include an in‐depth examination of policies, procedures, and practices to determine compliance level and offer recommendations for any needed improvements. At LLF, we understand the unprecedented challenges organizations face with ever‐changing rules and regulations. We partner with clients to find the strategies that fit their needs while tending to today’s issues and finding solutions that are adaptable over time and promote organizational growth.

Contact a Skilled HR Professional


Reach out to Susan Word today to begin a conversation about conducting your HR audit. A detailed assessment of HR operational processes and procedures can help ensure regulatory compliance. Moreover, companies with gold standard HR programs tend to have happier, well-engaged employees and an improved bottom line. So why go it alone? At LLF, we have highly credentialed HR staff and legal experts with decades of experience to help you plan and implement an HR audit customized to meet your needs.