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Crisis Planning

Failure to manage a single crisis effectively can seriously damage your organization, reputation, stakeholders, and clients. It can devastate a company. An emergency can occur anytime to any organization, and leaders must consider how a disaster could affect the organization, its employees, and the financial bottom line. In other words, a company can manage the crisis, or the crisis can manage the organization. The most common mistakes organizations make when facing a crisis are:

  • Pretending a catastrophe doesn’t exist or postponing acknowledgement

  • Addressing predicament management only when in the middle of one

  • Treating media (particularly social media) as if it were the enemy

  • Failing to face the issue with employees and stakeholders

  • Talking down to stakeholders or using jargon they don’t understand

  • Not documenting the disaster and the response from the beginning

  • Lacking transparency or being dishonest

The LLF team of skilled facilitators, human resources specialists, business psychologists, mediators, and legal experts have the expertise you need to plan for a crisis and manage it effectively.

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Reach out to Helen Ross Petty today to begin a conversation about your crisis planning needs. Hiring an outside facilitator is a vital element in the process of crisis planning. The consequences for organizations can be steep when stakeholders become disenfranchised. So why take chances? A well-crafted crisis management program can help your organization weather a crisis, ensure key stakeholders are informed, and protect the organization from external threats, or at least reduce their impacts. Practical crisis management addresses pre-crisis planning, in-crisis response, and post-crisis management. Our crisis management solutions have all the tools you need to manage a crisis effectively.