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Training: Learning and Development

Without a doubt employee learning and development have a positive impact on the workplace. Benefits include greater retention rates, fewer recruitment and onboarding costs, improved productivity, and enhanced employee engagement. Moreover, there are certain training topics, while not strictly required by law, might as well be. For example, judges routinely require that employers roll out customized harassment training to their work force.

You know this. But, what’s a company to do if they don’t have a fully developed L&D department to handle the details? We can help! At the Lynch Law Firm, our team consists of a credentialed human resources professional, an industrial psychologist, a business and nonprofit strategist, and an experienced employment attorney. Our boutique firm has the expertise you need to create, assess, and evaluate employee training needs. Further we have live an semi-customized online modules for annual training topics.

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Reach out to Susan Word and Dr. Lindsey Lee today to begin a conversation about your employee training needs. Why leave it to chance? At LLF, our team has decades of experience helping organizations plan, develop, and implement employee training programs that get the job done. We can guide you every step of the way.