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Power Struggles

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” -Vince Lombardi.

But what happens when a power struggle arises in the workplace and sidetracks teamwork? Sometimes power struggles are interdepartmental – one department wants something from another, and they aren’t getting what they want. Other times, it’s personal – between colleagues, supervisor and subordinate, or CEO vs. board member. What is congruent through all the scenarios in which power struggles occur is someone wants something and flexes their muscles to get it. Sometimes they might even win, but at what cost? At the Lynch Law Firm, our tenured team of an HR professional, industrial psychologist, business strategist, and experienced employment attorney have the expertise you need to determine the root cause of power struggles and equip you to resolve them.

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Reach out to the firm today to begin a conversation about assessing your workplace power struggles and resolving them. More brutal and pitiless than you could ever have imagined, unresolved power struggles can affect productivity, staff turnover, your public reputation, and your financial bottom line. So why go it alone? At LLF, our expert team can help you turn workplace power struggles into a top-performing team aligned with your vision and working together to achieve it.