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Substance Use

Substance use and impairment on the job are occupational health and safety concerns for every company. An employee with a substance use problem introduces risk with potentially significant consequences. Just one incident with an impaired employee can sink your business, regardless of where the substance abuse occurred. Numerous federal laws govern workplace policies on substance use and the actions a company can take when they know or suspect an employee of abuse. That’s why many companies rely on outside legal counsel for guidance. At the Lynch Law Firm, we have a credentialed HR professional and an experienced employment attorney with the knowledge and skill you need to manage substance use problems sensitively and legally.

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Are you concerned about substance use at your company? Schedule a consultation with Natalie Lynch today to discuss your concerns. At Lynch Law, we can help you prevent substance abuse issues, deal with suspected matters, or mitigate known issues. We have conducted hundreds of investigations into touchy topics like substance use. We can guide you every step of the way and help you resolve substance abuse issues before they become unmanageable. The Lynch Law Firm has AWI investigators, business psychologists, credentialed HR staff, nonprofit management professionals, and attorneys who can help you get what you need.