Helping Organizations with Employee Concern Employers: Book Time With THE FIRM

Disgruntled Employees

Even the most diligent employer occasionally needs help from a lawyer. While many employment matters can be handled internally, some issues require legal expertise.  If a current or former employee threatens to or actually sues you, we are here to help!

Employment law changes rapidly. Courts and government agencies issue new opinions interpreting these laws every day. When you consider that lawsuits brought by former employees can interrupt your business and end in huge damages awards against you, it's easy to see why seeking legal advice is the best solution for your business.

Protect Your Reputation


We have successfully handled disputes on behalf of employers and employees alike, which gives us a unique perspective to help your business. We have seen it all regarding employment disputes, and we leverage that knowledge and experience to help employers resolve them successfully. Throughout the litigation process, we work to protect your business while minimizing disruption to your operations. This is what we do! Whether it is helping you through litigation or promptly answering your questions in e-mails or over the phone. We are the trusted legal advisor your business needs when litigation is anticipated or has already ensued.