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Threat Assessment/Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is every employer’s nightmare. According to OSHA, about two million people are victims of workplace violence every year, while the Department of Justice reports about 1,000 workplace homicides. All employers have a legal duty to provide employees with “employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm” to employees. (OSHA). A single incident can cost your business dearly in terms of potential lawsuits, negative media attention, loss of skilled employees and productivity, and reputational damage that may be irreparable. Protecting your employees from workplace violence threats begins with identifying and assessing the risks for violence and ensuring employees understand what constitutes workplace violence, how to respond to it, and prevent it. At the Lynch Law Firm, our team of a credentialed human resource professional, workplace investigators, an industrial psychologist, and an employment attorney can help you develop a workplace violence prevention program that works and protects your business as well as your employees. We can also help you respond to an imminent or veiled threat.

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Schedule a consultation with Natalie Lynch today to discuss your workplace violence prevention program or imminant matter. Workplace violence between employees can take many forms, from subtle intimidation to verbal abuse to physical assault to an active shooter. Violence threats also include intimate partner violence that spills over into the workplace and other external threats such as dissatisfied customers and former employees. At Lynch Law, we can help you assess the potential for workplace violence and develop and implement a plan to prevent it from occurring. The Lynch Law Firm has AWI investigators, business psychologists, credentialed HR staff, nonprofit management professionals, and attorneys who can help you get what you need.