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Root Cause Analysis

Something has gone badly wrong at work. You investigate the incident, talk to the individuals involved, and fix it. You breathe a sigh of relief. Then, it happens again. Why? The problem and the solution seem so obvious. And it did work – for a while.

Often the obvious is only what’s visible above the surface, when the real source of the problem lies far beneath… out of sight… percolating. Resolving a problem permanently, involves identifying the fundamental reason, or root cause, the problem occurred in the first place and developing solutions to solve it and prevent it from recurring.

Root cause analysis is a systems-level approach to problem solving that examines both the active or people-related causes and the latent, or less visible, organizational issues at the root of the problem, such as policy failure, personality/personnel clashes, power struggles, culture, and compensation disparities.

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Our team at the Lynch Law Firm includes a credentialed HR professional, an industrial psychologist, a business strategist, and an experienced employment attorney with the expertise you need to identify and eliminate those percolating issues within your organization that could lead to even bigger problems down the road.

Are you worried about a recurring problem at your workplace that just won’t go away? Reach out to the firm today and take the first step to resolving it for good. Trying to problem solve without knowing the root cause is a little like putting a band aid on a heart attack. Why go it alone? At LLF, our tenured team can help you find the underlying cause of the issue, solve it, and keep it from coming back.