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Docking Pay for Salaried Employees

In full disclaimer, this article is an extremely superficial overview of this topic. Wage issues are a hot and much investigated topic right now so if you have any questions about docking salaries, you really should speak to an attorney.
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Dating Customers & the Austin Workplace

I recently spoke to an employer who sells services for teenagers and employs fit young adult men. He has concerns because some of the teenager’s mothers have expressed an interest in dating his employees.
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Everyone Should Be a Minority Sometime

After earning an undergraduate degree in International Studies from Texas A&M University, I moved to Ghana. Specifically, Ho, Ghana, which is in the Volta Region. I went with an organization called Cross Cultural Solutions and it changed my life.
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Investigate Your Byod Policies

Allowing employees to bring their own devices can increase efficiency, allow for more accessibility, reduce hardware costs, and allow employees to introduce new methods of efficiency.
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Drafting Consulting Agreements

Austin Consulting Agreement Legal Help Both firms and consultants need assistance in formulating the legal parameters of services offered, paid for, and managed.
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