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Drafting Sales Agreements

Austin Startup Attorney Natalie Lynch and Sales Agreements

The Lynch Law Firm can assist your business in the negotiation, drafting and review of Sales Agreements, usually for goods or services, with your customers.   A startup is most vulnerable after formation, and having well-drafted Sales Agreements is an essential part of conducting business.

Austin Startup Attorney’s Three Reasons to Have a Sales Agreement

  1. Smooth Sales Transactions.  Your startup may be involved in a large amount of sales transactions, whether for goods or professional services.  The Lynch Law Firm can negotiate, draft, and review a Sales Agreement that can be used repeatedly in many transactions.  Your startup doesn’t want to lose sales of goods/services due to an inefficient Sales Agreement.

  2. Prevent Litigation.  In the course of doing business, a well-drafted Sales Agreement encourages the parties involved to perform, whether by delivery of goods/services or sales of the goods/services.  In the event of a disagreement, the Sales Agreement provides guidance for remedies and can prevent costly litigation.  The Lynch Law Firm can assist your startup in preventing problems before they begin.

  3. Protect Your Startup.  A Sales Agreement can protect the business interests of your startup, by setting out terms, conditions, and expectations for all parties involved in the transaction.

3 Common Mistakes Made With Sales Agreements

  1. Oral Agreements.  A startup may begin their business with the “handshake” approach.  A written Sales Agreement provides written terms and conditions for both parties and encourages performance of the services/sale of goods.

  2. Failure to Provide Adequate Remedies for Nonpayment.  In the event of nonpayment for goods or services provided, a written Professional Sales Agreement can be used in the event that there is a dispute.  The Lynch Law Firm can assist your startup in providing remedies in the event of nonpayment or nonperformance.

  3. Standard Forms.   Your startup may provide goods or services not necessarily covered by a standard form.  The Lynch Law Firm can evaluate your needs, and assist you in drafting a customized “standard” form tailored specifically to your startup’s needs and goals.

Natalie Lynch of the Lynch Law Firm is an Austin Startup Attorney who genuinely cares about growing ideas into viable businesses and helping with legal advice that can facilitate that growth.  Natalie is your resource for review, formation, and problem solving for your next Austin consulting agreement.  If you would like assistance, call Natalie at (512) 298-2346 or email at