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The Role of A Contractor Liaison for Texas Organizations

What Is a Contractor Liaison?

Many Austin companies rely heavily on vendors to piece together the functions of their companies and this can be a really strategic arrangement.  It can also be a lot to manage.  More and more companies are creating a Contractor Liaison position that is held by an employee of the company.  Contractor Liaisons can have many important roles.  For example, Contractor Liaisons can help with communications between companies and vendors since it is sometimes very difficult, as an outsider, to find the right person to interface with about a particular need.  Contractor Liaisons can also help transfer culture and value propositions between companies so that misunderstandings occur less often.  Contractor Liaisons can do things like streamline processes, manage payment matters, and sometimes even oversee project goals in a way that is difficult for other employees to handle.

Contractor Liasons & Rulebooks

Contractor Liaisons often make the rulebook that vendors are required to abide by.  This rulebook must be closely aligned to the contract the vendor has with the company but explains more informal matters and provides more detail.  Rulebooks often elaborate on contractual provisions for vendors regarding reporting of fraud, discrimination, harassment, quid pro quo, or other malfeasance.  In highly regulated industries this type of coordination can be vital and in any company. Contractor Liasons lead to very efficient vendor management.

A contractor rulebook can become vital during a government investigation because it will establish the expectorations for communications between vendor representatives, the company, and the investigator.  It will ensure that vendors know they are expected to notify and communicate through the company representatives rather than directly with the investigator.  It allows the company to expect honest communications with government representatives in a way that allows the company to continue to control the investigation and react to information.

Not every company needs a Contractor Liaison but, for those highly regulated or contractor-heavy companies, this roll can serve a vital Austin Workplace function in streamlining daily matters, project matters, and investigative processes.