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Creating a Harassment Complaint System for Texas Employers

Texas employers can be held liable for harassment that occurs in the workplace when it fails to establish a harassment complaint system or respond to reports of harassment.
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A Trauma-Informed Approach to Violence Investigation

Employer liability spans a broad range of potential issues. Even when another employee's acts were intentional - such as when committing an act of violence or psychological abuse against a worker - an employer may still be held liable for the act.
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What Can HR Do About Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying, a term often associated with kids, isn’t just a problem during the school years. In fact, cyberbullies seem to be graduating into the workplace at a breakneck speed.
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Age Discrimination and Age Bias

Age discrimination is the act of discriminating against an individual based on their chronological age. The term, colloquially associated with older individuals in a workplace
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Privacy Issues in Workplace Investigations

Although employers may provide a work site and other property that their employees use, employees do not give up all expectations of privacy simply because they are working for a company.
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The Cultural Iceberg Explained

In today's global marketplace, understanding cultural dynamics is more important than ever. Having a good understanding of cultural influences can help employers and human resources managers avoid taking adverse action against individuals based on cultural misunderstandings.
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Retaliation Claims in The Workplace

One of the most common types of claims that workers allege is retaliation claims. For example, when a government employee reports illegal actions by their employer and is consequently treated poorly.
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