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When Your Remote Workers Are Everywhere, You Need to Be Compliant with Laws Everywhere

In April of 2022, the city of Chicago implemented significant enhancements to its sexual harassment law, introducing annual training requirements for employers. While this may have initially gone unnoticed by many employers based outside of Chicago, the rise of remote work has made it crucial for businesses to be aware of and compliant with local laws, regardless of their physical location.
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Ahh, Hand-Me-Down Handbooks

Let’s be real….an organization that invested in a decent handbook isn’t just passing that thing around. If someone is sharing their leftovers, that handbook wasn’t good when it was fresh.
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Untipping the Scales: Embracing Service Fees for a Fairer, Flourishing Service Industry

The service industry throbs with the pulse of human interaction, where skilled hands and warm smiles weave experiences that linger long after the bill is paid. Yet, beneath the surface of friendly exchanges and steaming plates lurks a complex current: the question of compensation. Tips, the traditional lifeblood of many service sectors, have fueled countless careers while leaving others perpetually afloat. But at what cost, and is there a calmer sea upon which service businesses can navigate?
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