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Fraud Examination Skills: Report Writing

When selecting a fraud investigator, one of the important skills to consider is report writing. After the investigator concludes the investigation, the report is what is left. This report may help inform the employer about important aspects of the investigation and provide protection in the event that a legal claim is later made. Fraud examiners must rely on their report writing skills to articulately and persuasively express the facts that they discovered and to provide insight into this process.


Solid report writing relies on information being organized in a clear manner. The report should include a background section that explains the nature of the problem and the parties involved. Additionally, the report should establish a clear statement regarding the scope of the fraud investigation. The report should provide a summary of the investigate techniques that the investigator utilized. Lastly, the report should conclude with the findings and the action that was taken by the employer.

One way to ensure that the report is well-structured and organized is for the report writer to begin it as quickly in the process as possible. By laying out this information early, it can help guide the report writer so that it is easy for the reader to follow.

Clear Findings

The report must contain clear findings in order to be helpful to the person reviewing it. These findings can be laid out in a number of ways that make it easier for the audience to understand, such as including bullet points, enumerated results or visual aids like bar graphs or tables. This coherent information should make it easier for the decision makers to render a final decision in the matter.

The report should be delivered to key decision makers and carefully evaluated. If further questions arise, a supplemental report may be prepared. 

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