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Investigative Scope

So-called “scope creep” is one of the worst ways to blow a budget and prevent conclusive investigative findings. Scope creep occurs in investigations when the investigative process uncovers information previously unknown to the organization, and that new information then becomes the new focus of the investigation. For example, if during the process of a discrimination investigation, an investigator substantiates the existence of fraud, the investigator’s focus turns to resolving the fraud issue. In this case, scope creep is particularly dangerous for internal investigators because their continued employment is generally dictated both by the individuals most focused on the fraud as well as by the individuals most focused on the discrimination.

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC assumes each investigation will return more information than is originally sought and is prepared to handle that information. In some cases, Natalie can seamlessly collect additional information that is outside the original scope and even integrates that data collection into the interview process. In very rare cases, original allegations and additional allegations are so seamlessly aligned that a secondary report can be drafted. Regardless of the exact nature of the new allegations, Natalie will work with each of her clients to determine the best mode of collecting data regarding new allegations. In many cases, those new investigations can be handled internally by clients without further assistance.

If you have concerns that an external investigation may uncover additional matters worthy of investigation, reach out to explore options for handling each concern.