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Solid Investigative Teams

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC creates investigative teams based on qualifications, backgrounds, skills, specific experiences, and availability. As an employer, Natalie hires individuals with varied backgrounds that indicate intention, emotional intelligence, integrity, intellectualism, analytics, authorship, and steadfastness of character. Generally speaking, the firm's employees and independent contractors are attorneys, certified public accountants, forensic psychologists, and certified fraud examiners; however, no particular degree or background is required.

Unlike most HR or employment attorneys who perform investigations, the firm's investigators have extensive training in communications with interviewees. Natalie has found particular success working with mothers who balance family and career obligations wonderfully with the project-based work we provide. Her work is intense, professional, fast-paced, and conclusive. Continued employment with Lynch Law Firm, PLLC requires that an employee never loses sight of the dignity of our subject employees or the reliability of our clients' demand.

Experience in a Wide Range of Industries

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC's investigators have extremely broad backgrounds and extremely broad investigative experiences that allow them to quickly assimilate to most workplace scenarios. This allows the investigative process to begin the instant an investigator first initiates contact with one of your employees. Throughout the process, investigators will take the time to learn the particulars of your workplace to determine how and why company culture influences allegations in light of industry culture.

Although Natalie generally insists that investigators dress in a manner that establishes authority within an investigative setting, she also recognizes that certain workplaces mandate particular formality, informality, or safety gear with regards to clothing and attire. She will work with each client’s representative to ensure that investigators arrive prepared in every way to ensure the success of your workplace investigation.

Education & Technology

  • Semiconductor

  • High Tech

  • Startups

  • Online Retailers

  • Primary Education

  • Collegiate Education

Health and Service

  • Child Care

  • Elder Care

  • Restaurants

  • Veterans Organizations

  • Government Agencies

  • Healthcare

  • Mental Health Care Facilities

  • Food Service

  • In-Patient Facilities

  • Forensics Labs

  • Telemarketing

  • Banking

  • Retail

  • Distribution Centers

  • Publication Facilitates

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Bus & Transportation

  • Narrow Gauge Railroad

  • Wide Gauge Railroad

  • Light Industrial

  • Heavy Industrial

  • Specialized Industrial

  • Welding Facilities

  • Assembly Lines

  • Iron Works

  • Picking and Packing Departments

  • Union

Corporate & Government

  • Human Resources Departments

  • Payroll Departments

  • Safety Departments

  • Departments of Motor Vehicles

  • Departments of Public Safety

  • Purchasing Departments

  • Not for Profit

  • Community Activity

Direct, On-Premise Investigations Across the United States

Because the least disruptive and most cost-effective way to conduct a workplace investigation is to have the investigative team travel to the workplace environment, our work takes it all over the United States. We maintain reasonable travel expenses and is continuously conscious of placing the most cost-effective investigators at a client site.

Although we have consulted on projects worldwide, it is rarely appropriate for a US-based company to lead an investigation where foreign language, foreign employment laws, or foreign cultures dictate the behavior of employees.

To learn more about the appropriate investigative response to allegations in your workplace, reach out to us. You can expect a frank and insightful assessment of your risk and suggestions regarding an appropriate response.