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2023 Spring Cleaning

Workplace Spring is here

#512law #lynchlaw March 15, 2023

Spring is here and spring cleaning is on our mind at the Lynch Law Firm. Perhaps your taxes are behind you, you’re closing out the first quarter, and you can turn your attention to new projects with renewed excitement. It is a great time of year for a refresh! Here are some considerations to help you supercharge your spring:


·  What’s that thing you’ve been overlooking, putting off, and perpetually de-prioritizing? What is the whisper you’ve been ignoring? A new year is always packed with unique trials in business. Reflection on the prior year’s accomplishments and challenges, planning for the new year, budgeting, etc., etc. It’s easy to dive headfirst into the administrative tasks the business requires. Now’s a great time to step back and evaluate where you’re headed this year and tackle those efforts you’ve been sidelining.

·  Consider revisiting your organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values. Do they all still ring true? Are your annual goals articulated in a way that helps you further your progress toward your mission and in alignment with your vision and values? Do you need a re-alignment? (Pssst! The Lynch Law Firm can help you with that. Strategic planning is our jam and we have people just for that!)

·  Are your policies and procedures still aligned with your operational needs? If you’ve experienced recent growth, chances are good that they need to be reviewed and updated to serve you now and in the future. You’ll also want to make sure that they still support your organizational values. You may find that a comprehensive audit of your human resources practices is in order.

·  The current economic reality has most employers very concerned about employee retention. Research demonstrates that one key retention strategy involves investing in your employees’ professional development. You will likely find that key expenditures in employee development will save you loads in the costs of turnover. And your culture and reputation will be better for it. (Contact Coach Lindsey if leadership development is on your mind this year!)


These are just a few of the things spring might have you contemplating. Our coach, Lindsey Lee, PhD, and attorneys are available any time to assist you in this process if you need further guidance!