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147 What do I do when a topic or fact is super complicated during a workplace investigation

What Do You Do If You Are Concerned About the Nature of the Underlying Claim, the Series of Facts, the Incident Being So Complicated that You Can't Investigate It?

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Natalie Lynch is your credentialed investigator and licensed attorney, not a vlogger.

What do you do if you are concerned about the nature of the underlying claim, the series of facts, the incident being so complicated that you can't investigate it?

I think step one is reminding yourself: you wouldn't be doing this work if you were not an intelligent person. 

So, having the confidence to say, "This is the kind of case that requires two people in the room, two people on the investigation, two people listening to the facts and determining the investigative path." That's what you do, you involve people.

You can also segregate, a lot of times, an investigation into components and say, "We're going to work this one together, but I need you to be in charge of what they're saying about the transfer of money, and then I'm going to be in charge of who knew what, when, and why." 

And together, if each person focuses on the thing that they're particularly skilled at, two people can accomplish a really, really complicated investigation – in a way that sometimes one person just can't get done because of the complex nature of the facts involved.

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