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"What Do You Do if You Want to Make Investigative Decisions Based on Intuition?" title card

What Do You Do if You Want to Make Investigative Decisions Based on Intuition?

What do you do if intuition is the only reason you want to take some investigative steps? I think if you're a young investigator, you need to check in with somebody else and check that intuition. This is because every move you make is expensive for your client. And so if we have a more tenured investigator to check our intuition and serve as a sounding board for the intuition, that can do a lot of good. There is almost always some investigative fact I learn when I interview someone and so I've learned to trust my gut a little bit. That being said, I would often go into a sort of an intuition-based interview with a plan for keeping that interview super short. So, I think you can scaffold what your activities are based on how experienced you are, how honed your intuition is at this point in your career by either checking in with somebody who's more experienced as a sounding board or keeping your intuition based interview super narrow so that you're not wasting client money and client time on a rabbit chase.