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"What Do You Do if Someone Calls You After the Interview?" title card

What Do You Do if Someone Calls You After the Interview?

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC Aug. 9, 2021

What do you do if somebody calls you after their interview? If it's the day or two after the interview and not a year later, I generally take those calls willingly. As investigators, most of the time, if we've done our jobs right, people don't know that they are coming to talk to us and they are not prepared with information organized and ready to talk to us. And the surprise and the stress of being in an unexpected interview can cause people to not remember things thoroughly or potentially as robustly as they would if they had some planning. And so I always take those calls if people are asking or saying that they have more information for me after an interview.

If somebody called and said, "I did finally remember the dress was blue." Like, "Okay. Thanks for the information. Want to remind you about that confidentiality policy we talked about yesterday," whatever. If it's a little bit more robust conversation that's going to be had, I might say something like, "I just wanted to remind you that I'm a neutral third party, that I'm going to ask for your honesty, that there's a retaliation policy, that this call is confidential. All right? What is it you wanted to tell me?" And so that is how I handle when people call me after an interview with more information.