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157 What do I do to determine who else to interview during a workplace investigation

What Do You Do If Somebody Asks You Who Else is Being Interviewed?

Natalie Lynch is a credentialed investigator and licensed attorney, not a vlogger.

What do you do if somebody asks you who else is being interviewed?

This also comes up a lot, and sometimes it's innocuous and not ... They're not trying to be strategic. But you're having a conversation, and they'll be like, "Oh, well, if you talk to Bill, they'll tell you about this too. Are you talking to Bill?" They don't even think through what they're asking you. 

But again, during the admonishments, I usually tell people that as, between interviews, I will not say what any one person told me in another interview. So I just remind them that that's a confidential part of the interview, and I can't tell them who I'm talking to.

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