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"What Do I Do with Investigative Counts? " title card

What Do I Do with Investigative Counts? Lynch Law Firm Workplace Investigations Austin Texas Natalie Lynch

How do you use investigative counts to help with your investigation?

Investigative counts are simply counts of opinions of people that you've interviewed. So, if the accusation is that Tom is mean to men, and I talked to 10 people, I'm going to ask all 10 people, including Tom, if Tom is mean to men. And the count that I get, the scorecard that I get at the end of that, is an investigative count. So, if six people said Tom is mean to men, and four people said he is not mean to men, I have a 'more likely than not' output. It is one of the easiest ways to boil things down when you're an investigator.  That being said, all the contingencies also need to be weighed.  If people said, "yes, he is mean to men but the men in our department are the lowest performers" that information also needs to be considered.