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"What Do I Do when I Don't Know What to Charge for An Investigation?" title card

What Do I Do when I Don't Know What to Charge for An Investigation?

What do you do if you don't know what to charge for an investigation? There's a couple of issues here. First of all, the attorney code of ethics in your state will have something to say about what to charge, if you are not an expert in the thing that you are doing. Attorneys are always practicing, so we're always learning something, but there is an appropriate price scheme for that, that is articulated by our code of ethics. The other thing I'll say about determining your pricing is you need to figure out what your competition is charging, both the super experienced and the neophyte investigators.
And to do that, you probably want to join AWI, the Association of Workplace Investigators, because that's where you're going to connect with investigators in your area who do what you do, and maybe have the same niche as you, and then you can work within your industry to determine what's the best price for you to be charging.