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"What Do I Do when I Don't Find out What Happens After an Investigation?" title card

What Do I Do when I Don't Find out What Happens After an Investigation?

What do you do if you don't find out what happened to the people involved in an investigation when you're done? Congratulations, you have now been initiated to one of the most frustrating parts of being a workplace investigator, especially as a third-party investigator. Even when I had repeat clients, I had a big client contract to do all their investigations, I didn't always find out what happened after an investigation, and it was incredibly frustrating. That being said, if you are so invested in the outcome, you need to check your own bias and make sure that you are still a neutral and independent third party who has not gotten so wrapped up in the story or the drama of the people that you've investigated. It's unsatisfying, I know it is, but you really need to stay in your lane.