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What do I do to start an investigation during a workplace investigation?

#WorkplaceInvestigations #TitleVII #LynchLaw #TexasHR #HR #Legal #AustinTexas #AWI Jan. 4, 2023

What do I do to start the investigation? So, after you've received your assignment, which can happen before or after you officially get the word to move forward, you need to define the scope of your investigation. Because you're going to point back to that if anything new comes up, or different comes up, or if there's just a whole lot of data at you so that you can stay focused. And then, I always request those initial documents and immediately start setting up a meeting time with my reporting party. After that, lots of stuff falls into place. But the initial documents like personnel files, write-ups, evaluations, policy requests, org charts, move forward plans, whatever those initial documents are, go ahead and request those, and figure out how this employer, or how this client prefers that you set up investigations. So, are you going to contact the person directly? Is HR going to set up the investigative time for you? Whatever it is. But those are your first steps.