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141 What do I do to investigate the way someone eats during a workplace investigation

What Do I Do to Investigate the Way Someone Eats During a Workplace Investigation?

Natalie Lynch is your credentialed investigator and licensed attorney, not a vlogger.

What do you do with an investigation about the way somebody is eating? So again, another tricky one. 

Obviously, we're going to collect our information from our reporting party and see what it is about this eating that's bothering them. And then also, why do they think that person is doing that? Probably going to ask the reporting party some questions about, "Why is this bothering you?" as well. Because we want to always be super, super careful about victim blaming and blaming the person bringing the complaint for being the aggressor.

But it does, in this case, occur to me that perhaps we're complaining about the way somebody eats because they're eating things that are culturally pertinent to the eater's culture. Black food, Korean food, Mexican foods, Singaporean food, whatever it is. 

But if it is something where the person eating the food is eating in a way that is triggering to our reporting party, we do need to explore that. So why are they eating this way? Or do they eat this way in front of everybody? Or is it just our reporting party? And that is how I would start out my initial investigation into how someone is eating.