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What do I do if I need to determine the point of the investigation?

What do I do to determine the point of an investigation during a workplace investigation?

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How do you define the point of an investigation? This is probably a cross between what the reporting party cares about and what your client cares about. So, it could be the case that your reporting party is wrapped up in something that the employer doesn't care about. People... The emotional side of the conflict is complex. But as an employer, our client representatives tend to be more concerned with things like title seven violations, things like that. And so, it's usually a combination of what the client said they want you to investigate and how the reporting party expresses that.

But you better know it before you get to the second interview because your reporting party should be telling you what they're upset about, and the people paying you should say to you what they're paying you to investigate. And so, you need to get there with the combination of what your reporting party has and what your client wants to pay for to be investigated because by the time you get down the road to second and third interviews and to report writing, you better be able to articulate the point of your investigation in last sentence or two.