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"What Do I Do if Someone Has Evidence on Their Personal Device?" title card

What Do I Do if Someone Has Evidence on Their Personal Device?

What do you do if somebody has company information related to your investigation on a personal device? We ask if we can have it! It can be a big issue because of ownership of intellectual property as a whole thing, but as a neutral, unbiased, third-party investigator, you should not be getting into a scuffle about property rights. At the end of the day, if they have a thing and you need the thing, you need to ask for it. And if you can't have it, they won't give it to you, you need to ask why they won't give it to you. And then all you can do with that is record that they have it, they reported they have it, you asked for it, and they reported you couldn't have it, and this is the reason they gave me. Your duty is to document what you learned and conduct your investigation with the best information you have available to you.