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"What Do I Do if Someone Ends an Interview?" title card

What Do I Do if Someone Ends an Interview?

What do you do if somebody ends an interview? If somebody walks out of an interview, as the investigator, it's frustrating, but there's very little you can control. Sometimes I cover this in my admonishments, but certainly when somebody says that they are done talking to me or just gets up, I will always ask, "Why are you ending this?" Because sometimes it's something I can fix. If it seems like the person just needs a break, of course I can give them a break. But if we're getting to stuff that they don't want to talk about, I need to remind them that their employer expects them to participate in the investigations. And otherwise, again, that'll just show up in my report writing and my reports back to the client that their employee didn't participate in the investigation and got up and left during the interviews.