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"What Do I Do if I Get Really Embarrassed as The Investigator?" title card

What Do I Do if I Get Really Embarrassed as The Investigator?

What do you do if you, as the investigator, get really embarrassed? Pull yourself together. You are there to be a neutral, unbiased, third party. And as such, you can't be judgmental. And a lot of embarrassment comes from judgment. And so, your work is about appropriateness and inappropriateness in a workplace environment. But remember, especially for us attorneys that think that even the sinners deserve a fair shake at what happened, it's an underlying theme of the American judicial system. But in workplace investigations, if done properly, even the sinners get a fair chance to explain things, or to be a victim of other people's bad acts. Bad people are victimized too. And so, if we get really embarrassed about something, we need to get over ourselves, fall back into that neutral position, and make sure that we are taking in the data as an independent and separate third party who is just a repository of information and an evaluator of information