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"What Do I Do if I Can't Make a Determination?" title card

What Do I Do if I Can't Make a Determination?

What do I do if I just cannot reach a conclusion as a result of an investigation?

Maybe find a new career? It's really not very good if you can't do that in the vast majority of the issues and sub-issues. It's incredibly unsatisfying to clients who are paying you hourly, at attorney wages in particular. And that being said, there might be parts of an investigation you cannot reach conclusions for, and that can pan out to be okay, but you need to reach conclusions for your larger issues.  You need to have conclusions for harassment, discrimination, and environmental issues.

But if the allegation is, "I'm being discriminated against," and one example of the discrimination experienced is that somebody stole a Pepsi from the fridge on Tuesday. Well, if I'm able to prove up 15 ways this person was discriminated against, but I just can't figure out if somebody actually stole the Pepsi from the fridge, or if somebody maybe thought it was theirs, if that one little minor issue within the investigation can't be proved up, that's probably okay, as long as you got to some good conclusive results with the other bigger issues at hand.