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"What Do I Do if An Interviewee Is Represented by An Attorney?" title card

What Do I Do if An Interviewee Is Represented by An Attorney?

What do you do if the person you're interviewing is represented by an attorney? The answer is probably whatever your client wants you to do. So, if the client allows its employees to have legal representation in their interview that is up to that client and you need to handle it consistently even if it creates awkwardness. So, otherwise, in the case that they don't allow somebody to have representation in a workplace interview, just be aware that the employee has retained an attorney. Ask for the name and phone number of their representative in case you or the client ever needs to speak to them again. The other thing that I've had happen more often than I'd expect is that, the person who is represented by an attorney starts to ask me, the interviewer, for legal advice. I think maybe they are checking if their own attorney is good. Regardless, I usually just say, "Hey, we've gotten into a situation where you are asking the questions instead of me. And also you're asking for legal advice. And you told me you're represented and I am not representing you. So, I need you to go back to the person that is representing you with these questions."