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"What Do I Do After Interviewing the Reporting Party Interview?" title card

What Do I Do After Interviewing the Reporting Party Interview?

What do you do after you talked to the reporting party? Generally, I checked in with my client contacts, confirmed to them that that interview did happen, and let them know any updates about scope. So, if the reporting party's concern was misreported to you, through the process of getting corporate to hire an investigator, sometimes the scope of the investigation can get slightly tweaked. So, if there's anything different between what they hired you to do and what the reporting party is concerned about, go ahead and synthesize that before you move forward.
Usually, after that first interview, there are other documents that you'll want to request to meet. So, the accused personnel file, other people's personnel files, or particular emails that maybe IT can get for you. Things like that. Maybe you did not know you needed a floor plan, but now you realize you need a floor plan. So, there's usually a document request. Usually, your initial interview will be with your report party, which usually confirms for you the majority of your witness lineup. It may be that you have one or two people that fall into place as you work your investigation. But the majority of your interview lineup is going to become clear to you after that reporting party interview, as well.