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"What Do I Do About Taking Notes Workplace Investigation?" title card

What Do I Do About Taking Notes Workplace Investigation? Lynch Law Firm, Austin, Texas, Natalie Lynch

What do I do about my investigative notes?

I have a method that I use. I record the date at the top, the start and stop time of the call. I denote if the interview is over a platform like Zoom,  otherwise, I might leave a spot blank if the interview was in-person or even write "in-person."  I mark down the last name and first name. I go through the fact that I am a neutral independent third-party investigator working for the Lynch Law Firm, and what that means. I remind people about both sides of the confidentiality policy and both sides of the retaliation policy. I talk about the methods of investigation and why it's so important that people participate in interviews. I discuss recording my investigations, whether I am recording or whether I'm not. And then if the person is the accused, I go through a little bit about this being their opportunity to apologize, or confess, or explain what's going on from their perspective, but do give them an opportunity to know that things are being set up to discuss an accusation against them.

I also record the duration of employment, the title, and supervisor of the interviewee and then I do my initials and indicate what page I'm on out of how many pages of notes I took. That is the method that I use.