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The Lynch Law Firm Supports Texas Unites for Animals

The Lynch Law Firm Supports Texas Unites for Animals

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 Natalie Lynch, one of Austin’s foremost labor and employment attorneys and the managing member of the Lynch Law Firm, recently shared her time and expertise at the Texas Unites for Animals Conference. The annual conference is the heart of Texas Unites’ mission. Every year, over 500 animal welfare professionals from across Texas and the surrounding region come together for quality professional development and networking opportunities.

Texas Unites is an animal welfare support organization serving Texas and its surrounding states. The organization was created by a merger of two well-respected organizations, the North Central Texas Animal Shelter Coalition and the Texas Federation of Humane Societies, both with a long history of supporting the animal welfare community. Founded in 2015, Texas Unites provides information, support, and guidance by enhancing professionalism in the animal welfare industry, strengthening the human-companion bond, and promoting respect and compassion for all life. 

As an attorney with a special place in her heart for animals of all shapes and sizes, Natalie Lynch was happy to donate her time to the conference last fall. Her presentation at the event focused on employment issues surrounding shelter professionals and volunteers. She covered various topics, including the distinctions between volunteers and employees, laws that get ignored, free speech and public space, wage structures, discrimination, culture, and whistleblowing. 

 About Attorney Natalie Lynch

In addition to being the managing attorney of the Lynch Law Firm, Natalie is a credentialed investigator and dispute resolution mediator with many years of experience working with businesses to help minimize employment risk factors. She is the only consulting and credentialed investigator in Central Texas who conducts third-party investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, and other issues. 

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