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Lynch Law Firm Capability Statement

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Capabilities Statement

The Lynch Law Firm was founded in 2013 by Natalie Lynch, who spent the entirety of her first years out of law school performing workplace investigations. Their scope of services include entity formation, policy reviews, employment handbooks, organizational development and employment coaching. The firm works with clients to reconstruct policies to reduce unintended consequences while encouraging operational efficiency and harmony. They primarily serve employers, but also supports the other general transactional needs of its 1,000 + clients. Among them, approximately 5 are public sector, 6 have over 5,000 employees, and 2 earn more than $5 million in annual revenue. The Lynch Law Firm’s plans for growth will continue expanding the firm in the employment, employee empowerment, and transactional business arenas.

Authorized Negotiator:

Natalie Lynch is the Authorized Negotiator for all aspects client contracts. 

Natalie Lynch

4408 Spicewood Springs Road

Austin, TX 78750


Legal Name and Address:

The legal name of the organization is as follows:

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC

Branch Office:

There is no branch office.

Entity Type:

The Lynch Law Firm is and operates as a Professional Limited Liability Company incorporated in Texas and licensed to operate in Texas and Colorado. 

Description of Company:

The Lynch Law firm is a small company with 5 employees and two contract employees. Of those employees, three are highly qualified in organizational structure and development, employment agreements and contracts, and performing workplace investigations to help minimize business and employment risk factors. Our investigative and reporting protocols are consistent, thorough, documented, and highly regarded. 

More Specifically, Our Employees Have These Qualifications:

Natalie Lynch: Ms. Lynch’s broad exposure to dynamics between work functions lends to accurate and successful business formation, employment law, workplace discrimination matters, contracts, and employment litigation avoidance. Specifically, Ms. Lynch approaches workplace investigations with a deep understanding of the interplay between various work functions and political motivators as well as a legal analysis of policy and claim elements. 

Ms. Lynch is authorized to conduct investigations in Texas because she is a licensed attorney. She is qualified by experience and industry credentialing with the Association of Workplace Investigators. She has conducted policy, harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, and fraud investigations in union, non-union, civil, policing, fire, governmental, automotive, health care, railroad, policing, firefighting, corporate board, agency governance, mental health hospitals, VA medical and residential facilities, call center, industrial, corporate, restaurant, and not for profit environments. 

Lindsey Lee: As a working Doctor of Industrial Psychology, Dr. Lee is a Senior Consultant specializing in employee management through indicated evidence-based solutions including corporate investigation, employee education and training programs, and organizational development strategies. Specifically, she has extensive experience conducting workplace investigations covering a range of organizational challenges, including EEO and Title VII concerns, workplace violence, theft, substance abuse, and fraud. Dr. Lee is adept at applying Lynch Law Firm’s tried-and-true process of investigation and guiding clients on the basis of investigative findings.

Dr. Lee is authorized to conduct investigations in Texas because she works at the investigative direction of Ms. Lynch. She is qualified by education and the experience of hundreds of investigations and thousands of interviews. Dr. Lee has conducted policy, harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, and fraud investigations in union, policing, non-union, civil, governmental, publishing, automotive, health care, industrial, call center, corporate, restaurant, and not-for-profit environments. Dr. Lee’s broad experience also includes project management and curriculum development for employee learning programs, including traditional classroom training, live online webinars, and asynchronous eLearning. She expertly evaluates needs in order to describe and develop targeted solutions to ensure clients receive top return on investment. 

Helen Petty: Ms. Petty is a management consultant with over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, project management, program development, and continuous quality improvement. Her key specialties include operations and personnel management, education and oversight, and policies and procedures development to increase revenues, control costs, optimize organizational efficiencies, and build highly effective teams for organizations.

She is a recognized published expert in outcomes measurement, program design and evaluation, budget development, and program grant administration. Helen has presented extensively at national conferences on employee recruitment and retention, community impact, and social and recreational programing in the healthcare space.

Company Mission:

Enabling strategic momentum to our client community by practicing with fierce elegance.

The Lynch Law Firm’s objectives are entirely focused on using legal standards and industry best practices to provide accurate and successful business formation, employment law, workplace discrimination matters, contracts, and employment litigation avoidance.

Financial Resources:

The Lynch Law Firm’s resources are primarily in its people. Although we have a fully functioning and dedicated office environment, it is modest and reflective of our individual and client needs for nimbleness. The firm dedicates more to the technological and communications needs of our workforce than to unnecessary aesthetics or square footage. As an organization that operates in a particularly lean fashion within a conservative and highly regulated industry, we are financially stable.

Organizational Stability:

The organization is particularly stable in that the relevant employees are at the peak of their careers and all business generating efforts, such as responding to RFQs or marketing, are aligned with the documented interests of those staff members. The professional members of our team are annually asked to report the types of work they desire to focus on as well as any educational opportunities in those arenas and plans for obtaining more of that type of work. Ms. Lynch, Dr. Lee, and Ms. Word all report a desire to continue their focus on workplace investigations. 

Dedicated Resources:

Ms. Lynch is ultimately responsible for all work produced by the Lynch Law Firm and will be involved in each and every client contract. As needed, The Lynch Law Firm can reallocate current workloads and possibly hiring of additional staff based on the volume of work provided to clients. Those growth strategies are even now mapped out as are the internal and external training opportunities that will be afforded to reallocated or additional staff. 

Industry and Unique Knowledge:

The Lynch Law Firm’s professionals have worked extensively within government, quasigovernment organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Additionally Ms. Lynch is qualified to conduct investigations in Texas in accordance with Attorney General Opinion No. GA-0275, which clarifies that only attorneys licensed in Texas, professionals supervised by Attorneys licensed in Texas, and Texas licensed Private Investigators can conduct workplace investigations in Texas. Her, Dr. Lee, and Ms. Word all exceed the minimum criteria promoted by the Association of Workplace Investigators in that they are familiar with the laws, best practices, and risks posed during a workplace investigation. Ms. Lynch and Dr. Lee in particular, have extensive experience working within Weingarten as well as other common provisions afforded involved parties represented by unions. Our experience conducting successful investigations includes environments that also present threats of violence, mental and emotional instability or trauma, police investigations, hostile or non-compliant witnesses, union or legal representatives, and complicated bureaucracy. Ms. Lynch is one of the two consulting attorneys in central Texas credentialed to perform workplace investigations through the preeminent industry association, the Association of Workplace Investigators. 

Recent/Proposed Changes in Organizations Management/Ownership:

As the only attorney, Natalie Lynch is the sole member of the Lynch Law Firm. Nevertheless, Dr. Lee has a strong and respected proprietary interest in the organization’s non-legal lines of work such, such as cultural and training matters.

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