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LYFT Tips: Leadership 3 Tips from The CBO

If you’re going to take leadership strategy from anyone, it should be a proven leader. Forbes contributor, Paulina Karpis, caught up with Lyft’s Chief Business Officer, David Baga, to do exactly that-- get leadership advice from the best. 

Baga says there are three important strategies to keep in your leadership toolkit. They are:

  1. Define your core values

  2. Tie individual employee roles to company values

  3. Have knowledge in a number of specialties

Define Your Core Values

While growing Rocket Lawyer, before going to Lyft, Baga learned the importance of establishing core values. He said to Karpis that when employees are invested in the company, it is a proven motivator for success.

Intrinsic motivators are those that offer non-tangible rewards, like a feeling of accomplishment or a sense of pride. Extrinsic motivators are those that offer, in contrast, tangible rewards, such as money, praise, or public recognition. Businesses should consider both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to keep employees engaged. 

When you define your core values, you give employees something bigger that they can be a part of, and that’s invaluable to any organization.

Tie Individual Employee Roles to Company Values

It may sound simple, but making employees feel invested in the company takes practice. Baga recommended to Forbes, answering these questions:

  • How does the employee’s work connect with the mission?

  • Where is the team going?

  • How does the employee’s work impact the organization?

Reminding employees that they are important to the mission and objectives of the organization provides them with a sense of purpose that motivates them to do their best. When they are proud of what the organization is doing and where it’s going, they can focus on performing their tasks to the best of their abilities in a positive work environment where they can grow.

Have Knowledge in A Number of Specialties

Baga believes knowledge-seeking is essential to finding your leadership style. While he largely practices a coaching philosophy that stems from his time in team sports, he is also careful to observe other leaders around him. Baga also reads and looks to other educational resources. 

He approaches each situation by determining the best way to proceed. 

“That might mean I have to rely on my network and make a few phone calls to talk to some of the people who know how to best face [the challenge],” Baga says. “Or it might mean I go into my library of Kindle books or recall a podcast I’ve listened to,” he told Forbes.

Putting together the right team that will take your organization across the finish line takes a willingness to learn and an ability to cultivate a culture full of intrinsic motivation and purpose. If you’re trying to grow your business, you need a partner with the experience to guide you through your transition.

That’s where Lynch Law comes in. Natalie Lynch is a corporate attorney who has grown businesses around the world. With Lynch on your side, your business will have the consultation and resources to establish meaningful values and grow. Baga leans into his network to grow his businesses and so should you. Contact Lynch Law, and speak with Natalie Lynch today.