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Has Your Texas Startup Earned the Mother Friendly Workplace Designation?

Only 127 employers in the entire state are designated as Mother Friendly Workplaces but it is relatively simple to receive your designation.  Most decent employers are already taking the steps needed to earn their designation and be listed by the State of Texas as one of the best employers.  Such a designation sends a clear signal to employees that your company cares about the health of their families. The rest of the world sees that your company is a great corporate citizen.  Further, earning the designation is very low cost.

There are common sense best practices surrounding each of the elements listed below but, in order to earn your Mother Friendly Workplace designation, an employer must submit a written plan with the following items:

Allow enough scheduling flexibility for a mother to have a pattern of milk expression;

  • Allow a mother to have an accessible and private location to express milk;

  • Access to hygienic storage method to store milk during the day; and

  • Access to a clean sink for washing hands and equipment.

Frankly, a mother already has the right to do many of these things and employers do not typically regard the requirements as burdensome or expensive.  For example, an employer does not have to purchase a refrigerator to store milk, although it certainly can.  The code simply requires that a mother have access to a hygienic place to store milk.

Please let me know if I can help your company get your Mother Friendly Workplace designation in order.  It is one of my favorite ways to work with clients.