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Employer Settlements in Harassment, Discrimination, and Hostile Work Environment Claims

Unfortunately, most financial settlements for discrimination include confidentiality agreements that forbid the disclosure of information about the settlement;[1] however, there is a small sample of financial settlement records from the Northern District of Illinois settled between 1999 and 2004.[2], [3], [4] A study found that the mean settlement amount of this sample was $65,950, with values ranging from $350 to $1,250,000.[5], [6], [7] This study asked whether various litigation stages influence the amount of the final settlements.[8] It found that the plaintiff’s demand and the defendant’s offer were the most influential, and higher plaintiff demands and higher defendant offers corresponded with higher final settlement agreements.[9] However, this study concluded that the plaintiff’s demand was best understood as a response to the defendant’s offer.[10] The defendant’s initial offer was the most influential factor, and the final settlement agreement was usually closer to the defendant’s initial offer than it was to the plaintiff’s.[11] Establishing a trial date also influenced the amount of the final settlement, albeit far less than plaintiff demands or defendant offers, because of the additional incentive to settle.[12]

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