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Drafting Consulting Agreements

Austin Consulting Agreement Legal Help

Both firms and consultants need assistance in formulating the legal parameters of services offered, paid for, and managed.  The Lynch Law Firm can help you navigate the tricky route of managing this business relationship and help lay the groundwork for increased productivity, better relationships, and minimized litigation down the line.

Austin Consulting Agreements for Consultants Delivering Services

If you are  a professional offering your services to a company, you often do not have the legal budget to go up against that company in court should there be disagreements or litigation down the line.  While do it yourself legal documents may work for some consultants, the Lynch Law Firm can help you review existing agreements, draft new ones, and outline a path to help protect your legal rights which can be critical to your success.

Austin Consulting Agreements for Companies Hiring Consultants

The Lynch Law Firm can help companies or individuals seeking to hire professional consultants on a temporary basis.  Many companies fail to recognize how to formulate agreements in managing consultants and are often left wondering what they invested money and time in.  Setting expectations of deliverables, timelines, and relationships in writing and then managing that process can help companies achieve greater productivity and also minimize costly litigation down the line.

Top Mistakes in Austin Consulting Agreements

  1. Not having a consulting agreement or going the do it yourself route.

  2. Not making agreement subject to a background check.

  3. Not establishing who pays for the various expenses.

  4. Not having a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement in place.

  5. Failure to discuss clear deliverables and staff interaction.

Natalie Lynch of the Lynch Law Firm is an Austin Startup Attorney who genuinely cares about growing ideas into viable businesses and helping with legal advice that can facilitate that growth.  Natalie is your resource for review, formation, and problem solving for your next Austin consulting agreement.