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Austin Workplace Investigation for Harassment Complaints

If your company is faced with a harassment complaint it is critical you immediately and appropriately conduct an Austin workplace investigation of that complaint.  The Lynch Law Firm has significant experience in these jobsite investigations and their techniques can help you satisfy your legal duty to thoroughly investigate employee complaints.

Every investigation is uniquely tailored according to the nature of the complaint, the workplace environment, the company culture, company policies, and the seriousness of the allegations.  Most investigations involve a collection of interviews of the complainant, witness, and accused as well as other forms of fact gathering and forensic data collection. Natalie Lynch leads all investigations herself in a neutral and independent manner. Investigative reports are also produced, or not, in accordance with company record-keeping or litigation needs.

Natalie Lynch can help your company understand the legal obligations, as they pertain to harassment complaints.  The Lynch Law Firm will also guide each client through the process of preventing future workplace concerns, mitigating expenditures on workplace concerns, and protecting your company’s brand, and employee morale.

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