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Austin Workplace Investigation for Bullying Complaints

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC Nov. 11, 2015

Austin employers often feel as though they must balance feeling like an employee referee and fulfilling their legal obligation to take bullying complaints seriously.  Bullying, which is a form of harassment, affects workplace safety, productivity, morale, and litigation exposure. Jobsite bullies leave a wake of trouble and economic distraction for the company and all levels of management.

Often, complaints about bullying are a mere fraction of an employee’s negative experiences or an employer’s staffing woes.  Without conducting the requisite investigation, employers frequently fail to discover that acts of victimization are motivated by impermissible biases such as racial, religious, disability, or gender biases.  Further, modern-day bullying often manifests itself by covert means, such as career sabotage, cyber intimidation, or electronic threats.  Typical human resources professionals and managers simply are not skilled to navigate, or even detect, these types of intimidation because they are too busy performing their job duties.

The Lynch Law Firm can provide Austin workplace investigations that can help determine the legitimacy of bullying complaints and assist with all steps of investigation and remedy.  Natalie Lynch works with her employer clients to properly remove verified bullies from their payroll and provide a safe and focused environment, as required by law.

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