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Austin Startup Attorney and Negotiations

Austin Startup Attorney and Negotiations

Austin startup attorney Natalie Lynch understands that your startup needs legal solutions (not legal problems) and that negotiations are often the key tool to get you to solutions.  Your startup does not need someone else to run your company.  The Lynch Law Firm knows that no contract has ever made anyone feel warm and fuzzy but outlining the problems and opportunities allows you to manage the inherent legal risks involved in any legal contract or negotiation.

Austin Startup Attorney and Negotiations: Legal vs. Strategy Problems

Negotiations often help Austin companies to outline the inherent differences in legal problems and strategy problems.   Knowing and recognizing the difference can help your company stay focused on what is most profitable rather than simply driving up legal fees.

Any lawyer can simply say “You can’t sign this!”  The lawyer who can help you stay on task while outlining risks and negotiate in a manner which preserves important relationships are far more valuable than bulldogs not interesting in building business but rather forging iron proof documents.   We prefer honest and transparent negotiating styles but are capable of matching other styles or flexing styles as the situation demands

The Lynch Law Firm prides itself on:

  1. Understanding the human side of the negotiation process

  2. BATNA (Best alternative to a negotiated agreement)

  3. Reservation Price negotiation

  4. Alternative negotiation frameworks

  5. The dynamics of multi party negotiation

  6. Understanding the difference between transactional and relational negotiating

The Lynch Law Firm is uniquely positioned to be your Austin startup attorney in negotiations.