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9 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning as An Adult

In the last 20 years, technology has rapidly changed our world in so many ways. Media, education, and healthcare have felt its impact. Let’s consider that today cellphones supersede people in number. According to the World Economic Forum, the early 2000s saw cellphone ownership at 740 million worldwide. Today there are now 8 billion cellphones in use.

But cell phones are just one example. The way we travel, communicate, work, and study has also rapidly altered over the last 20 years. If we want to keep pace with the ever-evolving, breakneck speed of technological developments, and inclusion concepts, we have to challenge ourselves to learn. Keeping our independence means keeping our productivity high through adult education.

Besides helping us keep pace with the world, here are 9 other reasons the phrase “student for life” should be our mantra:

  1. Adult learning helps us keep pace with changes in our personal lives. Due to circumstances beyond our control, or changes, we face physically, mentally, and psychologically, we may turn to learning for help. Along with those changes is a rippling effect on other areas of our lives. It may mean our interests and passions may wan or go in another direction altogether. A financial setback takes a turn for the worse, and we may need new skills. Perhaps our changes are facilitated by a change in health or injury. Adult learning makes facing these challenges easier and allows limitless potential in the future.

  2. Adult learning keeps our minds active. In fact, numerous studies indicate that learning keeps the mind busy and benefits overall health. One study has shown that the more individuals participated in cognitive learning activities such as quilting or photography, the more memory improved over those who did no learning activities at all.

  3. Adult learning keeps us socially active. Besides adding a new hobby or interest in our lives, learning a new skill or hobby allows us to engage with others who have similar interests. From this shared interest, friendships grow. These friendships make us feel confident and better about ourselves in general.

  4. Adult learning is key to retraining. Since the dot com bubble of the early 2000s, many occupations no longer exist because of automation. With adult education, there are always options. Besides retraining for a new skill because of job elimination, it gives others an option if they wish to pursue a new career.

  5. Adult learning gives us a sense of purpose. There’s a saying that goes, “Give a person a fish he eats for the day, teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime.” The same can be said of lifelong learning. The more we know about a subject, the more creative our problem-solving techniques become in that subject.

  6. Adult education gives us an opportunity to be creative. Learning a new skill or a new subject feeds the need to express one’s individuality and creativity. With freedom to express creativity, people find it reduces their stress or anxiety.

  7. Adult learning gives opportunities to those who didn’t get a chance to further their education. For one reason or another, many people have put their education on hold. It might be for financial reasons. Some put starting a family first, while others were coping with illness. Technology is the reason many people can get an education if they want one. There are now so many educational options available that were not available 2 decades ago. Besides traditional classroom settings, wannabe students now have the option of online learning, webinars, and even podcasts.

  8. Adult learning helps our economy. The economy thrives when its people are educated and productive. People with advanced skills are more likely to develop creative innovations that help their communities and even the world. With education and skills, they find jobs that benefit the economy. Lower unemployment rates mean less stress on job aid and system benefits and the more likely it that money will be invested elsewhere.

  9. Adult learning sets the stage for later generations. When younger family members see their guardians, parents, or older siblings using adult education as a stepping stone to a better occupation, they often follow that same educational journey when they come of age. When adult learning is accessible to everyone, young children and young adults view it as a privilege. In general, a more positive and educated adult population passes on better values and a mightier work ethic to the next generation.