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New Updates for I-9 in 2023

2023 I-9 Updates

#lynchlaw #EmployHumans #i9 #i-9 #HR July 21, 2023

Hi, I'm Brian Levy from the Lynch Law Firm. Today, I would like to talk to you about I-9 forms. All US employers must complete Form I-9 for each individual they hire before the employee starts working. This applies to citizens and non-citizens alike, and both employers and employees must complete their portion of the form. There are specific requirements on how to obtain, verify and process these forms. Non-compliant employers run the risk of immigration audits and even jail time. The temporary flexibilities permitting employers to review these documents remotely are coming to an end, and employers who have been using temporary flexibilities need to plan ahead to ensure they are complied with the required physical inspection of identity documents and employment eligibility documents by August 30th, 2023. I am Brian Levy from the Lynch Law Firm where we support companies that employ humans.